I've been interested in Photography since I was a teenager and have always had a camera close to hand. About five years ago, I bought myself a Nikon DSLR with the intention of improving my skills. Over the past two years I've let the ups and downs of life get in the way of my passion and barely taken any photographs. Now that I'm trying to get myself back together, I'm actively trying to get back to that creative state of mind that I know will also help my mental well-being. I try to carry a camera anytime I think there might be a chance of a good shot, and for those times when I've left my camera at home, I use the camera on my phone as a substitute.

As a personal challenge, I'm attempting to use as many of my own photographs as possible to illustrate the posts in this blog rather than taking images from internet sources (although sometimes it's just unavoidable!). So please, out of respect, ask me before using any of the images here for your own use. I'm really not keen on stealing.
In 2014 I'm also attempting a 365 Project. I'm planning on taking at least one photo each day. I've tried and failed this before so wish me luck!

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