Sunday, 21 September 2014

Second Hand Book Haul

I'm a huge lover of charity shops and second hand book stalls and whenever I get a chance I like to do a little tour of all the local ones in an attempt to spot some bargains. This week was no exception. I got these four books for the grand total of £1.99

I got the Stephen King novel in a charity shop where all the books are 99p each. I'm always on the lookout for cheap copies of Stephen King novels because one of my main reading goals is to read all of his books. And so of course, I couldn't resist this find.

The other three books were an interesting find. On my way to a market stall that usually has some good books, I stumbled across a stall I hadn't seen before where all the books were 50p each or three for £1. Who can resist that? Definitely not me. 

I've always been interested in feminism and I've been meaning to read some Germaine Greer for years so I couldn't pass up this ageing copy. I've also been wanting to read some more Joe Hill since I read 'Horns' a while back and I'm thinking this could be a good Halloween read. And finally, 'The Freedom Writers Diary' is something I've been trying to get my hands on since I first saw the film. It's an inspiring story that makes me glad I had such good educational opportunities. I'll definitely be reading it soon.

Do you buy your books second hand or do you prefer to buy them new? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. An excellent haul :) Bargain prices too! xxx


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