Friday, 14 February 2014

"This heart will start a riot in me..."
::My 10 Favourite Fictional Couples::

I know you might not have noticed (I mean, it's not like anybody's talking about it or anything) but it's Valentine's Day today. For all of you boys and gals being spoiled by your significant others today, enjoy yourselves. For those like me whose partner is working the late shift and so have a date with a microwave meal and the Sky remote instead, here's a list of my ten favourite fictional couples... Enjoy.

1. Hazel Grace and Augustus.
A tragic tale of two teen Cancer sufferers who find love only to have it ripped away from them is written so elegantly by John Green that the characters became so real to me while reading the book. I'm not really one for teen romance (I usually find it so unrealistic) but this one really got to me. It had me wishing I'd experienced that kind of love when I was young enough for it to completely sweep me off my feet.

2. Frank and April Wheeler
This one is a bit of an odd choice really because Frank and April's marriage is on the rocks and their story becomes a bit of a tragedy but I think what I like about this novel and its characters is that they're so gritty, so real, so definitive. There is love there but it's aged, fading and I think there's a certain type of beauty in that. This is one of my favourite passages from the book.

3. Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist
This is another weird one (I think there might be a theme here...) I adore Lisbeth as a character in her own right but I love the quirky relationship she has with Blomkvist. I wouldn't call it a romance as such. I mean, for most of the trilogy they're not even a couple. But they just have this friction, this tension between them that I like.

4. Elphaba and Fiyero
This is another tragic love story but I think the thing I love about Elphaba's relationship with Fiyero is that it gives hope. Even the green skinned girl that nobody cares for can find someone who loves her. Plus, in the musical adaptation, their relationship survives even after Fiyero's death and Elphaba's battle with Dorothy. So he might be a Scarecrow but if it's true love, who cares.

5. Franny and Stu
Romance set amongst an America hit by plague. Pregnant college student Franny meets fellow Captain Trips survivor Stu and realises she's found her soul mate. But can their love stay strong throughout a literal battle between good and evil? I love the characters of Franny and Stu in The Stand by Stephen King. They offer hope in a wasteland of death. 

6. Jon Snow and Ygritte.
"You know nothing Jon Snow". Do I need to say much more about these two? Fiesty Wilding Ygritte is the perfect match for Jon. Unfortunately, this is another case of the tragic ending. I'd have loved to see what this pair were like as parents. I think Ygritte would be the one wearing the trousers in their marriage!

8. Rebecca and Bracken
I know you're probably thinking I'm a little bit crazy right now for saying a couple of moles are one of my favourite fictional couples but bear with me. Rebecca and Bracken are the star-crossed lovers of William Horwood's novel Duncton Wood. Yes, they're moles but I swear, once you're as little as ten pages in to the book, the weirdness falls away and you forget you're reading about animals. It's an amazing, complex, beautiful novel of love, power and the triumph over evil. Please read it!

9. Anita Blake, Jean Claude and Richard.
I know this is a list of couples and I'm throwing a love triangle into the mix but I do think Anita's inability to choose between the two men in her life deserves a mention, if only because it kind of breaks a few boundaries. I mean, typically it's men messing women around in this kind of fiction but little Anita is a bit of a man eater.

10. Mr and Mrs Weasley.
I don't think this list would be complete if I didn't doff my hat to the darling Mr and Mrs Weasley of Harry Potter fame. Ron's parents are so in love with each other and it's just so damn cute. They don't have much but they provide their many children with a warm and loving family unit, even when all around lies chaos. What a couple.

Well, there you have it. In compiling this list, I've discovered I have a bit of a thing for tragic love stories and odd relationships. Oh well. Who are your favourite fictional couples? I'd love you to share your thoughts :)


  1. I love Jon and Ygritte too!!

    1. They're so well suited to each other. And I thought Ygritte was such a great character.

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    1. You're welcome :)
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  3. My two favourite fictional couples are definitely Liz and Owen (from Gabrielle Zevin's Elsewhere) and Henry and Clare (from The Time Traveller's Wife). Although I agree, Mr and Mrs Weasley are pretty darn cool as well! :-) x


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