Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A Word of Warning About Cats and Cookers

We all know that cats are curious creatures who believe that they, and they only rule the roost. If any of you have cats like mine, they walk around the kitchen surfaces like they own the place? Right? And if you're as lenient as we are, then you didn't nip it in the bud when they were babies...

We've always been careful about the cooker. Hobs get extremely hot and can be dangerous. Early on in the cats lives with us, we learnt the technique of placing pans of cold water on the hobs while they cooled down after cooking. We're also very observant while waiting for the hobs to heat up, watching where the cats are to make sure they don't jump up and burn themselves.

This weekend, we got distracted while the hob was on.

Jazz ran into the kitchen and before either of us realised she was in there, we heard a sizzling noise and Jazz ran out of the kitchen. She'd burnt her paw on the hob. It was on high.

Up until last night, she seemed fine but then she stopped weight bearing on the effected paw so I took her to the vets this morning. The vet gave her a good once over and charged us a princly sum for Jazz to be given an antibiotic shot, some pain relief to take home and a lovely purple bandage to keep it clean until she goes back for a check up on friday.

Check out that rather snazzy purple bandage!
Well, as I imagined, the little devil was less than impressed with the oversized bandage adorning her little leg. While making a cuppa, I heard a whole lot of banging coming from the bathroom and ran in there, only to find Jazz minus the bandage. Despite the fact they'd used a whole load of really sticky tape to keep it on. Guess who pulled a chunk of fur out?
that must have stung like a bitch when all that fur came out!
I spoke to the vet and she said it's fine for us to bandage her up ourselves, so we'll attempt that tonight. For now though, the little princess is getting spoiled rotten. Lots of kisses and cuddles. And her beanbag.
Yeah, the little madam has commandeered our beanbag as her favourite place to chill out in front of the fire. And to be fair, who would stop a little cutie like that from doing whatever the hell she wants.

The moral here guys and gals is please be careful when it comes to a hot stove and cats. Burnt paws are not very nice and will cost you a pretty penny too. Keep an eye on the whereabouts of your cats when the hob is warming up and once you've finished cooking, fill your pans with cold tap water and put them back on the hob. It's a great way to stop your pet walking across a hot cooker top while the rings are cooling down.

Anyway, lecture over. I hope you're all having a great Tuesday and that your cats are nice and cosy xx


  1. I love cats and we have four! They also get into all kinds of trouble. Worth it though, aren't they? Jazz looks adorable!

  2. They're definitely worth the trouble and the vets bills! I'd love to have more cats. When we move into a bigger place, I'm sure we'll end up with more.

    Anna xx


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