Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Autumn Tag

I saw this tag on Amanda's blog and thought it might be fun to complete.

1.What is your favourite thing about Autumn?
I absolutely love Autumn. I always have. I love the colours of the leaves and foliage. I love bundling up in warm clothes, piling on the layers. That first day when it's finally cold enough to wear gloves means Autumn is well and truly under way.

2. Favourite Autumn drink?
I drink tea and coffee all year round so what I love about Autumn is that it becomes socially acceptable to drink hot chocolate at any time of the day and in public rather than at home in the evening wearing your comfiest pyjamas. I've also kind of got into Chai Latte at the moment as well. The cinnamon taste just seems to compliment the weather perfectly.

3. Favourite scent / candle?
I don't really use candles etc so I'm going to cheat here and say that one of the best things about Autumn for me is that smell you get after it's rained and the fallen leaves are wet. I don't know how to describe the smell exactly but I love it.

4. Best Autumn lipstick?
I wear lipgloss rather than lipstick and tend to stick to the same few colours all year round. But in Autumn and Winter it becomes necessary to add lip balm to the mix. I usually use Nivea, especially the honey one. It's so smooth and tastes lovely.

5. Go-to Moisturiser for Autumn?
For me, moisturiser is a must once the weather turns cold. I have eczema and the cold, damp weather makes it really flare up on my hands. Perfumed moisturisers tend to make it worse so I use a thick emollient from my doctor a couple of times a day and when it's really bad I use hydrocortisone cream and a prescribed steroid cream. If I don't keep my skin as moisturised as possible then it cracks and bleeds which is kinda gross and bloody painful so I usually have all three tubes in my bag.

6. Go-to Autumn eye colour?
I normally stick to the same old purple creme No 7 eye shadow all year round but in the last few weeks I've found myself drawn to wearing brown tones. It's a nice warm colour for Autumn and it feels good to be using something different.

7. Favourite band / artist to listen to?
Is it too soon to mention Christmas music??
Seriously though, I like gentle, soothing music for when I'm snuggled up indoors while the rain is lashing down outside. Country and folk music are perfect examples although I can never resist a bit of Paramore. I'm loving Birdy and Gabrielle Aplin at the moment though.

8. Favourite outfit to wear?
Skinny jeans, a cosy jumper and my faithful converse. If I feel like dressing up a bit then I'll usually wear a skirt with a tee shirt, comfy cardigan, leggings and boots. It's all about the layers for me.

9. Autumn treat?
Easy! It has to be a gingerbread latte.

10. Favourite place to be?
Curled up on the sofa with the missus and at least one of the cats, under a blanket with a hot drink and a good film.

Anyway, that's my Autumn favourites. I'd love to hear yours so feel free to share your link below.
I hope you're all having a great Thursday :)


  1. These answers are lovely - especially the Birdy one (I can't get enough of Passenger at the moment!!) my answers are so similar to this



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