Thursday, 19 September 2013

Wicked :: Palace Theatre, Manchester (18.09.13)

I first saw the musical Wicked at the London Apollo back in 2007 and I've been dying to see it again ever since. Back in February we got wind of the UK and Ireland tour and managed to book tickets to see it in Manchester. I've been waiting seven long impatient months for the day to finally arrive and yesterday it did.

We had a pretty spectacular view. Despite being the middle price range, our seats were actually only one row behind the full price seats and we were on an aisle so no awkwardly sliding along the row, trying not to sit on peoples knees as you try and find your seat. Also, as has happened on previous theatre trips, we didn't have anybody with Side Show Bob hair or wearing a top hat sit in front of us. Miracle! (For reference, the guy wearing a top hat was actually in full on Steampunk get-up complete with goggles and a cane!)

The cast were absolutely amazing and the set design was as fabulous as I remember from the original London show. I am so, so desperate to see the show again. Maybe next year...

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