Sunday, 3 February 2013

This Weeks Smiles #011

1 Pretty blue sparkly nails really brightened up my week. It's just a shame the nail varnish seemed to peel off at the slightest scratch. I didn't even need nail varnish remover to take it off, I just sat there and peeled it all off piece by piece.

2 I tried two of the new KitKat flavours this week. I tried the choc fudge one and the mint one. They're both pretty incredible.

3 Jazz has been super cute and cuddly this week which always makes me happy.

 4 And Jinx has been pretty damn cute too.

5 I finally started writing my novel and I'm nearly 4000 words in. It doesn't sound like a lot but considering how little I've been writing over the last year or so it's a huge achievement. Plus it's kinda difficult to write when Jazz decides to plonk her arse down on the middle of my keyboard and make her own addition to the story. I'm so glad I saved just before she turned up!

6 I did a full week in work. No hospital visits, no time off sick. Despite having a double ear infection and a couple of bad migraines.

7 I saw my doctor on Wednesday (I totally forgot to blog about it) and we discussed the possibility of me being assigned a Community Psychiatric Nurse to give me more support. I think that would be a great idea.

8 I had two occasions to wear my lab coat outside of the lab. Yeah, I know this makes me sound like a total geek but I sort of love strutting down the hospital corridors in my white coat. I always think people will assume I'm a doctor rather than a lowly lab assistant!

9 I received three more goodreads giveaway prizes in the post. I absolutely adore getting parcels in the post and when the content of said parcels is books, I get ridiculously excited. I've started reading 'Cora: The Unwilling Queen' and so far so good.

I hope you've all had a great week too.

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