Saturday, 9 February 2013

This Weeks Smiles #012

1. My pretty black and silver nail art. I finally took the plunge and decided to attempt a more challenging nail style using two colours and some sellotape to create a two-tone effect. While the results weren't as great as they could have been - the triangles weren't exactly uniform - I was still pretty impressed with myself. Sadly, my nails took a battering in work this week and the design chipped really easily so I spent the majority of the week with awful looking nails. Oh well.

2. Jo collects 50p coins that have special designs on them. She's trying to get the whole set of the 2012 Olympic Games coin designs that were released in 2011. Inevitably, this means that whenever I get a 50p in my change, I check to see what's on it. I found this beauty at the start of the week when I bought my bus pass. The expression on the girl's face really made me smile.

3. This poster in work made me smile at what a bunch of geeks we all are. Other than Science proffesionals, who would spend their lunch break in a CPD (Continual Professional Development) meeting about testing a drug on one of our analysers. I actually like going to these kind of meetings. They make me feel as though I'm a part of something. I know, what a geek huh?

4. Today, a seagull decided to perch outside our living room window and shout at us. Jinx, being her usual nosy self, sat and stared the noisy git out and eventually it flew off. I tried to explain to Jinx that the seagull was twice her size but I'm sure she still thinks he could have taken it in a fight!

5. My favourite episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer was on TV today. I just adore 'Once More With Feeling'. The songs are perfect and who knew Giles had such a good voice?  

It's been a pretty good week for me. My moods haven't been so erratic, I seem to have reached more of a steady plateau. And my therapy sessions are going well. Plus, after months of waiting, I finally received a letter saying that my Neurology appointment has been brought forward to the 5th March. It's only three weeks earlier but it's better than nothing. Hopefully my Neurologist will have some answers about my migraines and will be able to offer some new treatment ideas. Fingers crossed.


  1. cute nails!! i would love to do something like that on myself.

    new follower :)

  2. You nail art looks great. I love the colours. :)

    ps: great news about your Neurology appointment. xx

  3. That's also my favorite episode of Buffy. Anthony Stewart Head absolutely has the most gorgeous voice ever. He sings in Repo too, have you seen it?


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