Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My Day Through the Viewfinder

I absolutely love those photo an hour posts that people do and I decided to try and record a typical day in my life through photography. Here's the result. It's not very exciting seeing as I was in work but I did find it kind of fun having to look at my world differently.

Pretty nails and snuggly gloves
Waiting for the bus to work
Trying to fit my bulging bag into my tiny locker is always the most stressful part of my day
The phlebotomist's had a birthday sign made for one of our colleagues. The awful spelling mistake frustrated me all day
New choc fudge kit kat provides my morning chocolate fix
Such a healthy lunch!
getting stuck into my book on my afternoon tea break
What is with this weird door? I pass it every evening on my way out of work and it always confounds me
Lime Smirnoff and cranberry juice. Don't mind if I do :)


  1. Ooo what a good idea!! I LOVE the mind the step sign on the weird door... HOW could anyone miss it?! Cute nails too, might just run off and paint mine :) x

    1. I'm hooked on painting my nails at the moment. It just really cheers me up. The sign on that door cracks me up. I mean, how are you gonna miss a step that huge?

  2. Pictures are just all of the fun!


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