Wednesday, 30 January 2013

30 Days of Blogging #30:
My Goals for the Next 30 Days

1 Try and meditate three times a week

2 Read at least three books

3 Keep writing my novel

4 Lose more weight (I've lost 6lb so far and would love to lose the same amount in February)

5 Begin journalling regularly

6 Eat more fruit and veg and start taking supplements

7 Go to the zoo

8 Be more serious about my 365 Challenge - I've missed a few days here and there and I'm disappointed. I really wanted to take a photo each day. Although there have been days when I've taken much more than one photo)

9 Go to the pub once a week - I really need to be more sociable

10 Not end up in A&E or take a day off work sick!

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