Monday, 28 January 2013

30 Days of Blogging #28:
If I Could Have Dinner With 3 Famous People...

This is one of those questions that gets thrown around a lot and it's one I really enjoyed thinking about.

Imagine if you could have any three famous people or fictional characters to a dinner party. That would be pretty cool, right? I think I'd want to pick some people that I could learn from, get insightful conversation from. But I'd also want a group of people with opposing ideas and opinions, different careers and lifestyles. I'd want this dinner party to be as interesting as possible.

Judy Chicago with her installation
I think my first choice would be the artist Judy Chicago. I think it would be awesome if she could design our table settings, make them personal to each of us. Kind of like in her installation 'The Dinner Party'. 

Kat Von D
My second guest would be Kat Von D. I love her attitude, her style and her tattoos. And after reading one of her books, I discovered just how fascinating a person she is and how interesting her life story is. I'd love to have her at my dinner table and hear the stories behind her tattoos. 

Sylvia Plath
My third guest would be Sylvia Plath (if only it were possible). She was such an incredible writer and I'd love to have a chance to ask her questions and seek her guidance.

Imagine what a dinner party that would be. A feminist artist, a generation-inspiring poet and a tattoed goddess. I wonder what they'd make of each other?

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