Sunday, 27 January 2013

30 Days of Blogging #27:
5 Things I'd Need to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

1 My girlfriend - Jo is kind of obsessed with the whole Zombie phenomena. She loves Zombie films, games, books, all that stuff and after playing hours of XBox 360 games that involve surviving an outbreak of Zombies, I think she would have the knowledge and the common sense to survive a real Zombie Apocalypse. I think she might be able to keep me alive for a while. Plus, I would never want to do something like that without my girl. Together til the end (sorry for the soppiness!)

2 A Weapon - preferably a gun with plenty of ammo. Failing that I guess it would have to be an axe or something like that, although I doubt I'd have the muscle power to wield it for very long. On second thoughts,a dagger might be a better option although I'm not fond of the idea of getting up close to a flesh eating zombie.

3 Complete body armour - in the hopes that a zombie won't be able to bite through it. Of course, it would be some amazingly light but tough material that probably hasn't been invented yet.

4 A safe place to hide out - I love the idea of an impenetrable fortress of some kind, maybe an old army barracks or something. A really cool 4x4 with bullet proof windows and a rocket launcher on top would be awesome too.

5 This might be cheating but a cure would be pretty handy - How helpful would it be to come across a lone mad scientist who has discovered a cure, some kind of serum that will reverse the effects of Zombieism. Of course, that would be highly unlikely. But I'd be stupid not to hope...

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