Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Day Through the Viewfinder

My favourite star pyjamas

The last chocolate in my advent calander


Jazz thought everything was for her

The living room was a chaos of cats and discarded wrapping paper

lots of edible presents

gorgeous bag from my parents

Great book from my best mate Stacey

Diary, notebook and keyring

My girlfriend knows me so well

I love this woman

I think my mum is trying to tell me I have scabby lips lol

perfume and nail varnish

Buddha Protection Bracelet from my parents

delicious lebkuchen

snacks galore

Jo's amazing Christmas dinner - Slow roasted pork with all the trimmings

Watching the Queen's Speech

Worn out


  1. Every picture is so lovely! the kittens, the food, the presents! Looks like you had a great day. xx

  2. looks like a wonderful and cat filled christmas! :)

    happy holidays!

    andrea brionne

  3. I did have a great day :)
    and it was very much filled with cats.
    Happy Christmas!

  4. Where did your friend get the Harry Potter set? I must have one!
    Kat Von D is the shit. She's super cool. I didn't know she had book.

  5. She got it from Tesco for £20 but I know it's also on offer in HMV for the same price


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