Wednesday, 7 November 2012

What I've Been Reading:
'Greenwitch' by Susan Cooper

The five-volume copy I'm reading
The title-page for 'Greenwitch'

I've had this five-volume copy of 'The Dark is Rising Sequence' by Susan Cooper on my bookcase for 14 years. My much older cousin bought it for me as a twelfth birthday present and it's sat there un-read ever since. I've always intended to read it and just never gotten around to it. But when we went on holiday to Majorca a few weeks ago I packed it as something different to read by the pool, and I'm so slad I did. 

'Greenwitch' is the third book in the sequence and usually I struggle to read more than two or three books in a series before I need a break but I know I'm going to go straight on to the next book in the volume, 'The Grey KIng'. Basically, I need to know what's going to happen.

The series was written in the 1970's and yet I haven't had that strange feeling that you sometimes get when you read older literature. You know what I mean, like when you're reading C.S Lewis and it's very obvious when the books were written. These books feel a little bit more timeless to me. Maybe it's just me, I don't know, or maybe it's the subject matter. Anyway, I would definitely recommend this series, or what I've read of it so far. I'm hoping the next two books live up to my expectations and that the conclusion doesn't fail me.


While I was taking the photos for this post, one of my kittens, Jinx jumped infront of the camera and we had a little impromptu photo shoot. It actualy felt pretty cool to just get creative with my camera. It's something I haven't really been ding much of lately and I was actually impressed with some of the results. I wanted to share them with you.



  1. Aww! Your kitten is so cute..and photogenic. ;)

  2. Thank you :) She's much more photogenic than my other kitten who somehow looks like a gremlin in most photos lol
    Anna x


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