Monday, 5 November 2012

Feeling Inspired

For some reason, being at that gig last night left me feeling really inspired. Sitting there at that table, in the flickering light of a tea light candle, watching acts I'd never seen before, hearing songs with lyrics as soul-soothing as poetry, all made something happen in me and all I wanted to do was come home, plug in my laptop and stay up all night writing. But that's the kind of activity I really have to avoid at the moment, and I went home to bed instead. But that feeling of being inspired hasn't left me. Thankfully. As any writers/artists out there may know, the majority of the time, if you don't sit down and humour listen to your muse there and then when she demands, it quite often she'll go skipping off to pester someone with more time on their hands. This time though she seems to be offering me some patience. I'm honoured.

The burst of inspiration I'm getting seems to be to do with an idea I had for a novel a good few years ago, but linked in with another novel idea I had more recently. I think maybe, if I can find a way to merge the two, I might have the answer to two problem plots and my own lack of recent writing.

So, as a way of motivating myself, on the way home from seeing Stacey off at the train station, I made a stop at Paperchase and bought myself a present. 
Although I have several notebooks which are not filled, I always feel that if you are about to embark on a new writing project, especially at a time like this when you're goal is to turn over a new leaf and start writing more often, it's important to start with a new notebook, on a clean blank page. So even though it was nearly a tenner, I think my pretty purple notebook was worth every penny. And I plan to start using it as often as possible to start planning my novel, begin writing more poetry (something I used to love doing and found very therepeutic), and generally scribble away to my heart's content.

Over the weekend, I also bought myself the postcard that features in the photo. It's a quite by Winston Churchill that's actually featured quite heavily in the Bear Gryll's book that I'm reading at the moment and so I thought it was quite appropriate. I think it applies to not only my current life situation but also the situation I find myself in a lot with my writing. All too often I give up far, far too easy. The plan this time is to keep on going, no matter how hard I find it, or how easy giving up seems.

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