Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A (not so new) President

Shepard Fairey's Obama poster
Having spent four years at University studying America, it would be a little strange for me to not at least briefly comment on the fact that Barack Obama has been re-elected as President. Four years ago, I stayed up all night to watch the UK coverage of the election, anxiously awaiting the results, hoping that Obama would make it into the White House. And as embarrassing as it sounds, I shed a tear as I watched him make his victory speech, the crowd chanting "Yes, we can". This year I didn't stay up all night, I waited until I got up at 6.30 this morning to find out the news. I switched on the TV, feeling almost nervous to find out the results. (My other half doesn't understand this behaviour, her opinion being that the result of the American Presidential election doesn't effect us. I respect her opinion, but don't entirely agree.) And there was Barrack Obama giving his victory speech after being re-elected into office for a second term. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Don't get me wrong, Obama hasn't fulfilled every promise he made during his election campaign four years ago, and like any politician, he's made mistakes, but keeping a Democrat in office, whoever he is, is the lesser of two evils. It always will be. And while I don't have a major issue with Mitt Romney - It's not that I agree with him or anything, I just think that for a Republican, he could be much worse. I think that his partnership with Paul Ryan would be devastating for America. Some of that guy's opinions and policies just really make me sick. As a woman and a lesbian my equality would be diminished in an America ruled by Paul Ryan. And maybe that's why I was so set on Romney not getting in this time. 

So I'm happy Obama's in for another term. But he really has got a lot to prove. And there's a lot of ground for the next Democratic candidates to cover in order to keep the right party in office in another four years time.

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